Our philosophy is different to that of other software providers because of our approach.


Yes it sounds like a typical cliche, but the first question we ALWAYS ask is:


"What is the easiest way this can be done by the user"


We ask this question because first and foremost, WE are the user.


When tasked with completing REP15 and REP16 reports for the FCA, what's the easiest way we can complete this?


Answer: we build reports to extract all of the information out of the database to make it a 20 minute job.


When tasked with having to prepare 500 annual statements and accompanying SMPI's, what's the easiest way we can complete this?


Answer: we create a single report to provide all this information to make it a job that can be carried out in an afternoon.


When HMRC need VAT returns for certain schemes to be submitted digitally, how can we do this?


Answer: we build and develop our own making tax digital solution so that we extract all the data we already have out of the Omni program.


We understand SSAS administration and so therefore we can build SSAS administration software to meet these demands. In the same way we understand SIPP administration, it means we can build SIPP administration software.


This is why we are different - we find the answer at an administration level to make the role of the administrator as straightforward as possible and then we implement it within the software.